Rap Snacks Foundation


The Rap Snacks Foundation is the philanthropic arm to the Rap Snacks snacking company, founded by James Lindsay and Co-Owned by Rap Music Mogul, Percy "Master P" Miller. The foundation's mission is to empower the minority youth and rebuild the infrastructure within the Black community through their "BossUp" Initiatives, their youth Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship programs. The Rap Snacks Foundation hired KBF Marketing to secure brand partnerships and assist with fundraising initiatives through sponsorships, donations, and uncovered grant opportunities. Since working with The Rap Snacks Foundation, KBF Marketing has secured partnerships with Subpac, Kaotica Eyeball, K20 Water, and The Orchard (the distribution arm to Sony Music). The Orchard has also contributed monetarily to The Rap Snacks Foundation through event sponsorship and charitable donations in the amount of $40,000.


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