Nacho Bangers


Nacho Bangers is a Black owned restaurant out of Baltimore, MD. The founder, Eric Williams, and his restaurant is a staple in the Baltimore community. He has successfully employed local youths at the restaurant who also participate in an integrated entrepreneurial program built into Nacho Bangers' daily operations. KBF Marketing was hired to assist with the growth and development of the restaurant through marketing and brand partnerships. Since a majority of Nacho Bangers' dishes contain a Doritos ingredient or a bag of Doritos as a side item, KBF Marketing secured partnerships with both Doritos and Pepsi. Nacho Bangers is now an official Pepsi Partner and Eric Williams is 1 out of 7 nationwide influencers for the Doritos Solid Black Initiative. KBF Marketing also arranged Eric Williams a speaking platform at the Rap Snacks Youth Entrepreneurship Summit to further contribute to his entrepreneurial initiative and share his story and successes beyond the city of Baltimore.

Video Links:

Nacho Bangers x Doritos - #SolidBlack2021

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Nacho Bangers x Pepsi DigIn - Black Restaurant Initiative

Nacho Bangers x Pepsi Digin - Baltimore Edition - YouTube



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