We are storytellers, culture curators, and visionaries - committed to crafting your story

that transcends cultural borders and speaks authentically to our diverse communities.

Through strategic media buying, inclusive messaging and personalized experiential

events, we uphold your brands’ commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.






Goal Driven Solutions

Stefon Pettigrew

Founder and Executive Director

If delivering results were a person, you would find Stefon Pettigrew. This New York native is a creative thinker that takes pride in his name and in the work that he stands behind. He is very personable, passionate, committed, and fears failure. When working with Stefon, his overall objective is to ensure that his clients have met their overall marketing goals.


Stefon founded KBF Marketing in 2016. Prior to launching KBF Marketing, he worked at CBS Radio as the Promotions Director, creating contests and experiential events for their listening audience. He later transitioned into local Ad Sales and then went onto National Advertising, working with national brands such as Hostess, Coca- Cola, Good Humor, 50 Floors, and more, billing 10 million dollars in annual revenue for the company. On his spare time, Stefon was a hired freelancer to assist with Marketing campaigns for brands such as Sony Music, General Mills, PBS, and many others. With the success of working alongside these brands as a freelancer and with his experience in corporate marketing and advertising, Stefon stepped down from his position at CBS to create KBF Marketing. Stefon has secured strategic partnerships to be able to drive diverse, relatable, effective, and impactful campaigns to ensure successful client deliverables.


Jessica Vodilka

Co-Founder and Director of Operations and Business Development

Jessica Vodilka has been making strides in the entrepreneurial world, leveraging her roots as a first generation Slovak-American to connect with self-starters from diverse backgrounds. She established herself as a Women's Entrepreneurship Leader, working with start-ups and small businesses to reach their personal and professional goals. Jessica's knack for research and business development led her to the co-founding of KBF Marketing in 2020. She is high-spirited and goal oriented, taking pride in her attention to detail and organizational skills that translate to the success of KBF’s daily operations. Jessica earned her Bachelor's in Finance and Entrepreneurship and is now continuing her Master's Degree at the George Washington University where she also spearheads two of the largest pitch competitions on both local and national levels. When working with Jessica, her overall objective is to ensure that our clients are comfortable and confident in building their brands with KBF Marketing while ensuring a successful execution of their campaigns.


2020 Marketing Agency of The Year Award Winner


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